OVSAR Equipment Inventory : Personal Gear
(Effective April 1, 1998) 

The following equipment is commonly compiled to form what is referred to as a "24-hour ready pack". Such a pack holds those items that would allow the holder to function in a safe, effective, and efficient manner during a SAR incident. Some items may be carried on a belt, in pockets, or strapped to the person. This equipment should be carried on all missions in rural or wilderness areas and is considered the minimum amount

Personal SAR Equipment 

1-  SAR Pack, 1800 cubic inch (minimum)
4-  Acetaminophen or aspirin tablets 
4-  Antacid tablets 
2-  Antiseptic cleansing pads 
1-  Antiseptic ointment 
6-  Band aids, various sizes 
1-  Candle, long burning 
2-  Cotton swabs, non sterile 
1-  Duct tape, 5-10 ft. 
1-  Leaf bag, 
8-  large Matches in a waterproof container 
1-  Moleskin 
1-  Plastic bag, zip lock, qt. size, for kit 
2-  Quarters for phone call 
1-  Razor blade, single edge safety type 
1-  Roller Gauze Bandage 
2-  Safety pins, 
1-  large Splinter forceps, tweezers 
1-  Space type blanket or space type sleeping bag 
1-  Towelette, clean 
1-  Whistle
4-  Bags, various sizes, zip locked 
1-  Bandanna, 
1-  handkerchief 
1-  Cap or other headgear 
2-  Carabiners (locking) 
1-  Clothes bag, 
1-  waterproof Clothing, adequate for climate 
1-  Clothing, extra set, suitable for climate 
1-  Compass, orienteering 
1-  Flagging tape, roll 
1-  Flashlight or lantern 
1-  Flashlight extra, 
1-  extra batteries and bulb 
1-  Footwear, sturdy, adequate for climate 
1-  Gloves, durable, even in summer 
1-  Goggles, or eye protection, clear 
1-  Insect repellent 
1-  Knife, multi-purpose 
1-  Lip balm, with sunscreen 
1-  Measuring device, 18 in. minimum 
1-  Metal cup or pot 
1-  Mirror, small 
1-  Nylon twine or small rope, 50 feet 
1-  Pad and pencil 
2-  Prusik slings (suitable for 9mm to 11mm rope) 
1-  Rainwear, durable 
1-  SAR personal identification 
1-  Shelter Material, 8x 1 0 plastic or coated nylon 
1-  Scissors, multi-purpose 
1-  Socks, extra pair 
1-  Sunscreen lotion 
1-  Tissue papers or baby wipes (recommended) 
1-  Tracking stick, minimum of 42" long 
1-  Watch 
2-  Water containers, at least liter size Webbing, 
1-  1" tubular -length suitable for harness 
1-  Wire, 5-10 ft., woven steel. 
8-  Wire ties, plastic, self locking