OVSAR Equipment Inventory : Medical Gear and Supplies
Patient Care Equipment
It is recommended that the following patient care equipment be carried on the rescue vehicle, the equipment may, however, be carried on another vehicle that responds simultaneously.

Box #1  Airway Kit (Black Box)
2-  Combi-Tubes 
8-  ET Tubes 2-8
2-  Laringoscope Handles
2-  Straight Laringoscope blades
2-  Curved Laringoscope blades
2-  Spare blade bulbs
3-  Nasal Airway
1-  Complete Set of OP Airways
1-  Infant Ambi-bag with mask
1-  Adult Ambi-bag with mask
2-  High concentration oxygen delivery devices in adult
1-  Red Bio-hazard bag
2-  3X9 Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze
2-  Rolls of 2" tape
1-  Bio-hazard mask with eye protection
1-  Bite stick
1-  Vital sign note pad
1-  Pair of safety goggles

Box #2  Burn Kit (Grey Box)
1-  Pair of surgical grippers
1-  Stethoscope
1-  Yellow disposable blanket
1-  Sterile burn sheet
1-  Package water gel (emergency burn dressing)
1-  Space blanket
3-  Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1-  Instant Heat Compress
2-  Instant Cold Compress
3-  1000 cc Bags Sterile fluid

Box #3  (Blue Box)
1-  Lairdal Suction Unit 

Trauma Bag 2
 1-   Utility scissors
 4-   inch x 3 inch gauze dressings*
10-  5 inch x 9 inch gauze dressings*
 4-  10 inch x 36 inch trauma dressing*
 5-  4 inch roller gauze bandages*
 1-  Sterile burn sheets*
 1-  Splinting materials* (Sam Splint)
 4- Triangular bandages*
 9-  Rolls 2" Tape* 
 3-  Rolls 1" Tape*
 1-  Box Exam gloves
 1-  Blood pressure manometer, cuff, and stethoscope
 1-  Flashlight
 8-  4X4 Post-Op Sponges
 2-  3X9 Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze
 2-  Red Bio-Hazard Bags
 2-  Safety Glasses
 20- Miscellaneous Band-Aids
 1-  Moleskin
 1-  Space Blanket
 1-  Bottle of non-Aspirin Pain Reliever (Acetaminophen) 10 Caplets
 1-  Roll of Tums-EX
 1-  Pair of Small Surgical Scissors
 2-  Tweezers
 1-  Hemostats
 1-  Vital sign clip board
 1-  Laerdal Pocket Mask with O2 Connection
 1-  Saranex Tychem SL Suit
 1-  Pair of Nitrile Gloves
 1-  Clip Board with legal size paper and pen
 8-  Non-Sterile Towels

Trauma Bag 3
Portable oxygen equipment of at least three hundred (300) liters 
    capacity (D size   cylinder) with yoke, medical regulator, pressure 
     gauge,  and non-dependent flow meter
1-  Oxygen tubing
3-  High concentration oxygen delivery devices in adult, child, and    infant sizes
1-  Bag-mask ventilation units, hand operated, with clear face masks and oxygen reservoirs
    with oxygen tubing in adult and pediatric  sizes
1-  Portable suction apparatus, capable of a minimum vacuum of three   hundred (300) 
    milliliters mercury, equipped with wide-bore tubing    and rigid pharyngeal suction tip
1-  Laerdal Pocket Mask without O2 Connection
1-  Red Bio-Hazard Bag 
1-  Nasal Canular Tubing
3-  Rolls of Tape
15-  Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1-  Stethoscope
1-  Small bottle of Alcohol Gel

1-  spare D size oxygen cylinder (Green) (Front wall of trailer)

Trauma Bag 4
Rigid extrication collars (small, medium, large, and pediatric)*
5-  C Collar Sizes infant through tall adult
2-  Cardboard adjustable splints
1-  Arm Air Splint

Trauma Bag 5
1-  Spinal immobilization device 

1-  Kendrix "Ked" Extrication Device (Green Bag)

Bag  6 
1-  Spider Harness for the Ferno Stokes Basket (Orange Bag)

Bag  7 
1-  Rescue Blanket  Silver Fire Shelter Blanket (Orange Bag)

Bag  11 
1- Life Pak 500 Defibrillator (Black Bag)

(Back Door of Trailer)
2-  Long spine board with straps and head stabilization device 
    (Passenger side on back of shelving)
2-  Pair of Head-Blocks
1-  Hare Traction Splint
2-  Ankle hitches Adult and Pediatric