OVSAR Equipment Inventory : Incident Command Gear

1-  Easy-up Tent 10X10 
    (Passenger side back of shelf)
1-  Double Radio Charger (Computer desk )
1-  Dry Erase Board
1-  Cork Board (message) above file cabinet
1-  4' Plastic Table
1-  Six foot aluminum folding table
1-  Two drawer Metal File Cabinet with ICSAR forms
4-  Metal Folding Chairs
1-  Blue Plastic box with assorted office supplies
    Pens, Rubber bands, Pencils, Stapler, Markers, etc. (above file  cabinet)
1-   White Plastic Trash Can
7-   5' foot Tall Orange Flags
6-   Red Command Post Stakes with flagging tape holders
6-  32" Orange Safety Cones 

1-  Current DOT Hazardous Material Emergency Response Guidebook 
     (Driver side of trailer by desk)