Special Request for a flood event near St. Louis, MO. 6-20-08
Ohio Valley Search and Rescue's boat was built near St.Louis, MO in 2005.  On Thursday evening we received a phone call requesting our SAR boat Friday morning for a special detail involving transporting people in and out of flooded areas. Several levees in the area where overtopping and breaching.  We had a very interesting day and meet several hard working individuals. The OVSAR boat is a  jet driven boat designed for very shallow water operations, and will carry very heavy loads.
Mississippi River overtopping levee on right side of picture. Two other levees south of  this location breached before detail was complete.
 Launching SAR boat from high spot in the road.  Highway C north of  Hwy 79 near O'Fallon Missouri.
Highway C levee overtopping, Mississippi River 1 mile ahead. Property owner Adolphus A. Busch IV shares concern about levees.
Dive team working to stop leak from large hole in levee. Diver putting sand bags in hole in levee near large irrigation pipe.
 Wind and water current moved large piles of corn stocks.  Larry pulling boat through drift corn stocks over one foot thick.
 Left to Right: Larry Krack, FOX News Geraldo Rivera, and Cliff Weaver
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