Automatic Position Reporting System - Evansville, Indiana

All in One APRS unit

12 volt battery powers GPS &  Micro-Trak 8000 8 watts Clear PVC tube with caps, battery in cell phone case

Pack  unused space with foam padding Glue large washer to top for magnet mount GPS
StowAway Gear Boxs # 6-21 in Sporting Goods area or
PLANO StowAway #2-3650
Buy these units at WalMart and Dick's Sporting Goods
for less than $4.oo each
2.5 mm 12 volt battery connectors, buy on E-bay 12 volt / .8 amps  buy at Batteries Plus
First Prototype New Design
12 volt battery powers GPS &  TinyTrack 12 volt battery powers GPS, TinyTrack and Radio
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